A Muskegon Tradition

since 1969

Cherokee Restaurant, Muskegon Michigan

Cherokee Restaurant in Muskegon, MI has been a familiar sight for travelers venturing west to Pere Marquette and other beaches of Lake Michigan for over 42 years.

1971 West Sherman Blvd.
Muskegon, MI 49441

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Traveling west down Sherman Blvd from business US-31, or Seaway Drive, for about 2 miles you will find a great place to enjoy a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner. A convenient place to stop on your way to the beach, just another mile or so up the road, or a great place to fill up after spending a fun day enjoying our magnificent lake shore in Muskegon.

Welcome to the Home of Patty's Pasties

Patty taking Pasty out of oven

Patty Tyler has been making pasties for our family and friends for years. Now she is making them here at the Cherokee. We are happy to introduce this tasty meal to you and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

The Patty's Pasty recipe evolved throughout the years, producing a pasty that has just the right amount of ingredients, seasoning and size. Hundreds of Cherokee customers have enjoyed this savory delicacy. Many enjoy it with gravy, plain, or with ketchup. Cherokee Restaurant has taken it a step further and added the pasty to the breakfast menu, served with sausage gravy and eggs.

Delicious golden brown pasty

Patty's Pasties are 1/2 pound (before cooking) and can be found in our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Many people purchase frozen Patty's Pasties from Cherokee Restaurant or at our store Latitudes Market, six or 12 at a time, take them home, reheat them, and enjoy a hearty meal.

The pasty became a popular meal in France, the Scandinavian countries, Finland and all of Great Britain.

Nick wants a pasty

The Cornish miners made it a "portable" meal by taking the pasty into the coal mines, reheating it over their miner's hats and eating a very good lunch. Because of this, the pasty is regarded as the national dish of Cornwall.

The Scandinavians and the Finnish people, who have made their pasties for centuries, brought the pasty to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when they immigrated in the 1800s to work in the mines. They would have you believe that the only place to get a pasty is north of the Mackinac Bridge. But in a little restaurant located in Muskegon, Michigan -- Cherokee Restaurant -- is the best pasty in Michigan: Patty's Pasty.